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    Can't Wake From Sleep under 10.1

    mudmonkey, Try zapping the PRAM. This seems to fix it ... unless you sleep the 'Book with an external USB device plugged in. Then when you wake it, USB is lost and the freezing recurs on subsequent sleeps. I suppose you can work around this by unplugging external USB devices before sleeping...
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    Can't Wake From Sleep under 10.1

    Under previous versions of OS X, I found my Lombard would fail to wake from sleep about one time in four. The keyboard would be somewhat responsive, but the screen would stay dark. At least I could give it the three-finger salute and restart. Now, after upgrading to 10.1, it won't wake from...
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    Any idea where Screen Saver images are stored?

    I've been wanting a certain image from the Cosmos screen saver for my desktop, but I can't find where OS X stores them. Anyone know what sort of images they are, or where they're located? I've looked in /Library/Screen Savers and /System/Library, but to no avail. ... TIA!
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    Epson 740 drivers?

    I have a 670, so needless to say I've been thinking about this a lot the past day. ... And what I came up with is this: If you listen to some people, there are more Linux/BSD-type folks than there are Mac folks. (I'm not looking to start a flame war here; just hear me out. :)) Well, I can't...
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    Revert back to OS 9?

    Use the System Disk app to set booting into OS 9. The other, quick-and-dirty, way to do it is to hold down the Option key at startup. This is a pain in the ass, though, because you have to wait for OS X to cycle through all the potential Systems (this is a holdover from OS X Server). I've...
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    boot in Win NT mode

    As of DP3 (according to ArsTechnica), if you give OS X the "three-finger" salute (CTRL-ALT-DEL) at boot, it returns:<p> THIS IS NOT DOS!<p> lol :D