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    Beware of LookupManager...

    Wow, I was lucky.. /private/var/db/netinfo held some backups of my NetInfo database. I was able to copy the information from local.nidb.old into local.nidb and the machine once again functioned normally. :D ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR NETINFO DATABASE BEFORE TRYING SKANKWARE!!!!!! Words to live by.. :P
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    Installing OpenSSH

    Crap.. here's what I've been getting all bloody evening: --23:50:30-- (try: 6) => `OpenSSL-0.9.5a-3.1.tar.gz' Connecting to connect: Operation timed out...
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    I gots the final. :)

    (still trying to reply..) Airport WORKS GREAT!!!! Signal strength seems a bit less than it would under 9.1, but still, it's solid. The network control panel is where they kind of moved Location Manager.. it's a bit confusing, but works. I miss the Location Manager. :( Classic works GREAT...
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    I gots the final. :)

    oh yeah.. there's a line in /etc/rc.boot that will change the hostname back to localhost. Change that line, reboot. Life is good. :) Apache is sweet. They've made a nice little "About Apache Web Sharing" page in your /Users/Sites folder :) Having Apache here ROCKS.. my GOD it's cool...
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    I gots the final. :)

    Holy shit, I didn't know so many people would reply!! It's working great for me.. people said that 4K78 was this oh-so-slow build, but it's not slow at all on a G4/400 Powerbook with 384mb RAM.... Expect a LOT of updates out of Apple in the next few weeks. Already a lot more Carbonized...
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    I gots the final. :)

    Yup.. went down to the local Staples, and there they were... 2 copies! My girlfriend went zinging by me, grabbed both of them, and had hopped over to the register before I could blink twice. She's STILL bouncing around the house. So far.. I'm happy. Very happy. :-) Just wanna change the...
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    what a nice!

    God, Claris Emailer kicked more ass than anything that ever kicked ass before? I love it. I LOVE EMAILER. I wish it would be carbonized, given IMAP and LDAP support and used to replace, that's how much I love it. /me cries woefully
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    SUN or Apple iMac (I am not a wintrol or anti-mac)

    But... Media Player for Solaris really sucks. There's even a version of IE for Solaris. It sucks worse... I tried it on an Ultra 5 with 512megs of RAM and it absolutely crawled.. ugh..
  9. D on Linux !.....yehaww

    Huh? CHeck - there's a few MySQL ports already working well. MacOS X Server isn't $499 if you're a student, FYI... :)
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    Posting OS X PKGs Online

    Yeah, that really would be a cool idea.. then I don't have to get frustrated trying to compile my own stuff! :D
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    Is there a newsreader in the works for Mac OS X PB?

    yeah.. probably worked fine on dp4 (I used it to, member? hehe) but is broken on the public beta :(
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    New binary Apache build for Darwin!

    GAH, I cut too much out.. but it actually says this: Apache/1.3.14 Server at localhost.(censored).com Port 80 Don't forget this: [localhost:/usr/sbin] root# httpd -v Server version: Apache/1.3.14 (Darwin) Server built: 10/13/00 19:19:06 [localhost:/usr/sbin] root#
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    New binary Apache build for Darwin!

    Uhh... I think I fixed it. The apachectl script didn't really work like I thought it would, and I did ./httpd stop too, which seems to have confused it. ps -aux |grep httpd and ps -aux |grep apache and KILL -9 the process numbers... then re-check to make sure they were all really dead...
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    Netscape for OS X - Note that it's definately a work in progress, so it'll obviously have some bugs (and some darn debugging code) but I really haven't had too many problems with it.
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    New binary Apache build for Darwin!

    @#$%$@#!!! I downloaded and unpacked the new Apache.. first, it dumped everything in my own home directory and created "System" "Library" and "/usr" in my home directory. Probably my fault, but oh well.. so I deleted all that crap, moved the tarball to / and unpacked it there. Yay! It...