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    Cool website

    It comes up on Bing though
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    Cool website

    It dosen't appear in Google. The site's address is
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    Cool website

    Have you seen my cool website. It looks like Mac OSX and has sick games. I attatched the main page image (.pdf).
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    System Preferences wont open

    I've been tring to open System Preferences to add a user account but every time I want to access the Accounts Preferences Pane it makes System Preferences crash. I tried to copy another pref file but that didn't work. I tried opening a copy of System Preferences but that didn't work. Can someone...
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    Can't get Ubuntu to use internet in Q (kju)!!!

    8-10kbps but going to be 1mbps
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    Can't get Ubuntu to use internet in Q (kju)!!!

    My internet is limited so i got a 12MB disk image. this is what ist said on the one I got:Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat" Minimal CD 12.7MB (MD5: 02abb1a71bde21a1335e9368dad529ca, SHA1:78086cf96c4a5578cb113d5eb218efc2573a0f82 )
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    Can't get Ubuntu to use internet in Q (kju)!!!

    I've been trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 in my mac in Q (CPU emulator) but it prompts "select server" and i choose one and it says "Can't connect to server". Can someone please help!
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    [HOWTO] Reset User Password via single user mode

    You can use a reset disk or you can use my method. It may stuff everything up though.
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    terminal issue

    try going to the link or uninstall the app
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    Mac OS X dissapeared?

    you can use Windows to look in the drive via the setting "show hidden files and folders"