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    What does this error mean?

    Do NOT do this, don't ever do this - it will remove every file and folder on your machine.
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    Having Trouble Installing 10.2...

    This is an iMac, correct? Are you using the stock CD-ROM? Can you boot off of other CDs? Is this the standard, store-bought Jaguar CD and not a copied one? I know that some people burn copy CDs and they are not bootable...
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    Having Trouble Installing 10.2...

    Try putting in the CD, then going to the Startup Disk in System Preferences, and selecting the Jaguar CD as the startup disk. Then, reboot and try the install. If that doesn't work, reboot in OS 9, then select the Jaguar CD in the Startup Disk in the Control Panels. Your goal is to get...
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    10.1 and network support

    A more basic question: how do I know if my Windows network is using SMB? Do all networks use this, or are there different protocols?
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    SCSI CD burner on OS 10.1 ????

    Sadly, SCSI devices are not supported (there are some exceptions). I have a beige G3 and my scanner and CD-R are useless, not to mention my serial Epson 740 printer, which is only supported by USB.
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    Teac SCSI CD-R in 10.1 with Toast Beta 2

    I also have a Teac CD-R connected to built-in SCSI on a beige G3, and I have never gotten Toast to work in Classic or in OS X. When you say your CD-R shows up in Apple System Profiler, do you mean the X version or the Classic version? I also read that SCSI CD-R is not supported in X.
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    Fry's Lies

    Beware of Fry's in California. I went at 9AM (Fry's Sunnyvale) and there were about 6 others waiting for the salesman to get the 10.1 upgrades. He came back and said the truck was expected in 15 minutes, and that Fry's will only give the update to PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT OSX ONLY FROM FRY'S WITHIN...
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    I'm finding it hard to believe that OS X "screams" on any system, including dual G4s. Everything I've heard seems to say the contrary. For sure, on my beige G3/300 and iBook, most everything is dog slow, particularly: - Application launches can take up to 15 secs, compared with 3 secs in...
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    Want to know if your printer will work with OS X 10.0?

    What Apple/Epson fail to tell you is that even these "supported" printers won't work with serial port connections, only USB. So, if you're using a "supported" printer on a beige G3, you are totally out of luck. I tried and there is no option in the Print Center for a serial port.
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    Does sleep work with OSX?

    What I'd like to know is specifically, will true sleep be working on both PowerBooks and desktops? By true sleep I mean that it truly enters a low-power mode that won't eat your battery - not just blanking the screen and blinking the light. Can anyone confirm?
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    Does sleep work with OSX?

    Sorry, I've heard it will not be working in the final release. A real downer...
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    OSx automaticly starts the internet

    Well, I have my beige G3 connected to a hub, along with an Airport base. I use Airport to network to my iBook, and share its modem with the iBook and the beige G3. Problem is, just booting OSX or opening the Network control panel dials the modem. Why does it feel the need to do this? As...
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    Don't know about the "final" release (?), but the first public release of OS X is supposed to happen around March, 2001. Given Apple's notorious history for late OS releases, and the fact that this is an all-new bet-the-farm-on- the-release OS, I'll bet late summer 2001 at the...
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    GUI Suggestions (screenshot)

    ummm...endian... What you refer to as "clutter" is the result of years of refinement from usage and feedback from users over 15 years of development. It's like calling ABS brakes, safety glass, and airbags "clutter" that should be eliminated in a newly-designed car. If there are problems...
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    OmniWeb Still Not Stable?

    Running the beta6, OmniWeb still does not seem stable. It hung twice in the first 30 mins. I killed it and restarted it each time. Now I'm back to IE :-(