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    SNES9X under MacOSX PB

    Quote from the SNES9X Information file: SNES9X has been fully Carbonized! This means that all of the Mac OS X incompatible code has been stripped out, and SNES9X can easily be recompiled to run natively on Mac OS X Public Beta when it becomes available. To me, this seems to mean that...
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    OmniWeb : Unable to load!!!

    I had this problem too... until I redownloaded the file, and unstuffed it/mounted the image under OS X, and installed it from there, and now it works great. Seems the .img doesn't like being mounted under OS 9.
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    speeding up OS X

    I can confirm that logging in as root indeed speeds OS X up. And it's pretty noticeable too. Another thing I've discovered is this: In System/Library there's a folder called StartupItems that contains a few thing that load as the computer is booting. I tried making a folder which I called...
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    Anyone tested Quake 2 / Quake 3 test?

    Hmm. OmniGroup said they were working on it? Sounds weird, considering id themselves has said Q3 will run natively on OS X in their next release...
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    Aqua Icon Builder

    Seems you didn't know there already is one :) Check it out:
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    Success: iMac rev.A/233,96MB RAM

    Sounds cool! Me myself has a rev. B iMac with 64 meg. You think it'll work? Hey, anything's faster than Netscape on MacOS 9. ^_^