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    Herve's Bar & Grill

    Well, IOS 10 is a bollocks'd up mess, eh?
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    Let's Stop The Non-replaceable Ram Setups In Macs

    I love my 11" Macbook Air - my 13" Macbook Pro feels heavy and slightly awkward in comparison.
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    Four word game

    tastes great, less filling
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    Converting Inches to Millimetres

    He posted this same thread over at MacNN - got the same basic responses as he did here!
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    Environmental concerns

    The UN has no credibility, so any study from that entity is automatically suspect, AFAIAC. Also - a five year study would be inconclusive at best.
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    iPhone 4 and IOS 7.1

    I have been hesitant to upgrade my iPhone 4 to 7.x due to reports of loss of wifi function, decreased battery life, and other similar side effects and bugs. My iPhone is from ebay, so I have no expectations of help if the update hoses my phone. I have been told the recent 7.1 update is "rock...
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    Restarting Safari

    Update: I have become so disgusted with the bugs in Safari, that I have switched to Chrome. So far I am liking Chrome much better!
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    Egads! What is This Tomfoolery?
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    quackery :)
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    Restarting Safari

    I have had too many problems with Safari to use it as my main browser. I only use it for Mail and Facebook: the saved cookies allow quick access with no sign-in. Firefox is my main browser - set to erase all info and cookies when I close the browser, and with Adblock and Ghostery running so...