iPhone 4 and IOS 7.1


I can haz cigar?
I have been hesitant to upgrade my iPhone 4 to 7.x due to reports of loss of wifi function, decreased battery life, and other similar side effects and bugs. My iPhone is from ebay, so I have no expectations of help if the update hoses my phone.

I have been told the recent 7.1 update is "rock solid" and that i should now upgrade.

Any qualified advice would be welcome......

(What the hell happened to the "it just works" thing ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I did the update on my 4 and have not experienced any problems.

I do turn off bluetooth and WiFi when I am not using it. That is what drains the battery as it constantly is looking for a connection.
And I manually quit apps that I am done with by tapping the home button twice. You will get small windows of what is open. When you swipe up to the top of the screen on one apps window, it will quit the app.