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    Please Help Of Video Over Software In Iphone

    What exactly do you want to tell us, tommytrant20? I guess that you'd like to seek advice for downloading online free videos (from YouTube probably) to your mobile phone. For software, 4K video downloader is great, but it's not free, and it just supports limited output formats: MP4, MKV, OGG...
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    How To Change Wallpaper On Ipad Pro?

    Apple's new iPad --- iPad Pro is finally released. Although it cannot be preordered until November, if you are planning to upgrade your old ipad to the new one, I think, you might be interested in how to change wallpaper on iPad Pro (no Jailbreaker or Jailbreaking). If so, the following info is...
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    How to convert video to iPhone 6 Plus?

    Handbrake can do the job well. Or if you want to do more video editing work and extract music from the original file, you can try macx video converter free. You can download it from Softonic.
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    Mother's Day Gift Suggestions And Ideas

    Mother's Day is coming soon. Thought I'd start a thread that we can use to help get some creative juices flowing for Mother's Day gift ideas and inspiration. Do you have any special plan or idea this year?
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    Which Mobile Phone Debuted In 2015 Mwc Do You Like Most?

    The 2015 Mobile World Congress has just finished. No matter whether you are a tech guru, I believe you will pay attention to the high-end mobile phones revealed on the congress, like iPhone 6S/7, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9, Sony Xperia Z4 and so on. In front of these fabulous gadgets...
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    how to convert wma to itunes

    I usually use this free video converter to convert my video collection. You can have a try.
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    Four word game

    desire to be desired
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    What Is A Good App For Learning German?

    I am going to Germany next year and I would like to learn german, so I'm wondering which app is good for learning German? Thanks!
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    Four word game

    Nice to meet you
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    Cyber Monday-what Did You Get?

    Hi I'm Genaold, a new member here. I thought it was a good idea to see what you purchased on Cyber Monday. Here's my running total so far. a mobile phone for my mother, a pair of shoes for my father, a toaster and a travel suitcase for myself, saved $160 in all.