How To Change Wallpaper On Ipad Pro?


Apple's new iPad --- iPad Pro is finally released. Although it cannot be preordered until November, if you are planning to upgrade your old ipad to the new one, I think, you might be interested in how to change wallpaper on iPad Pro (no Jailbreaker or Jailbreaking). If so, the following info is worth your reading.

Part 1. How to Change Wallpaper on iPad Pro/iPad Mini 4/iPad Air (No Jailbreak)?
1. Go to the iPad Pro's Settings, which looks like gears turning on your iPad Pro desktop.
2. Choose "Brightness & Wallpaper" from the menu on the left side of the settings screen.
3. Tap "Choose a New Wallpaper" to choose from default schemes or a photo you have stored on your iPad Pro or iPad mini 4/iPad Air.
4. To set the background, either tap the button labeled "Set Lock Screen" to set the photo for your lock screen, "Set Home Screen" to make the 4K UHD wallpaper appear underneath your app icons or "Set Both" for the picture to be used as the global background for your iPad Pro (iPad mini 4).

Part 2. How to Automatically Change Wallpapers on iPad Pro iPad Mini 4 (Jialbreaking)?
Here I take Wallmart jailbreak tweak for instance to show the automatic wallpaper change on iPad Pro.
1. Free download and install this automatic wallpaper changer on iPad Pro iOS 9.
2. Find the necessary configurations in Wallmart section (another section called Interwall). Here "Perspective Zoom", "Blur Settings" are available for you to activate or not. And you are also allowed to choose the wallpaper mode which can be either Lock screen, Home screen or both.
3. Prepare the wallpaper pictures you like to change for iPad Pro wallpapre in a single album in the stock Photos app and then choose it from the tweak’s preferences pane.
4. By default, the wallpapers change after you unlock your iPad Pro, but you are also able to set timed interval (seconds) from the Interwall section and enter the period of time after which the tweak should change the wallpaper.

Note: Wallmart has to change iPad Pro wallpapers automatically after every unlock or time interval, which would result in a big boost in battery consumption. If you do not care about battery life too much, head to BigBoss to get this free automatic wallpaper changer for iPad downloaded.

Or you can go to this article to know more methods about how to change iPad Pro wallpaper. Hope you enjoy!
Two questions...
How is this something that you need to note several months before the release of the iPad Pro?
How is the process different from any other iOS device?

Finally (I lied about the two questions :D ) ...
What exactly is a "Wallmart"? Some kind of jailbreak app that I have never heard about?
How would a "wallmart" do things differently from a "beastbuy", or some "staples", for example?