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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

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    VPC beta serial

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    Trustix Secure Linux 2.0 Released

    hi legacyb4, maybe you can help me. recently i installed mandrake 9.1 (or maybe its just mandrake 9...) on my G3 (beige) but the install could not configure my graphic card. it is an ati rage. when i type startx i would be just dropped back into the command line . i got some better results...
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    OmniWeb 4.5sp1 - 4.5sp9

    does it have tabs now ?
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    LG combo drive compatibility?

    the driver for it can be found here
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    Which Linux On My Mac

    i think Mandrake 9.1 was release yesterday.... you should give it a go.
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    Formac ProTV & Linux,Unix or X11....and Ricoh

    thanks Darkshadow, i found a program call BTV....ill let you know how it went
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    Formac ProTV & Linux,Unix or X11....and Ricoh

    I have a Formac ProTV PCI card....which doesnt work in OS X. Formac says they are considering the "feasibility" of making a driver for mac os x... but i dont think this will even happen.....they are "considering" for months now. So i was wondering was anyone able to get their Formac ProTV PCI...
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    You're favorite shareware apps Synergy "Menubar control interface for iTunes"
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    I want to start a software company

    hi whitesaint i have just tried your is some feedback. I think the desktop icons take up to much space. I would much prefer an app that would have four (or five) icons in the menu bar, each one repesenting a different desktop. Click on icon number 2 and you go to the second...
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    safari and flash incompatibilities

    it seems to work with v64 of safari i spoke to soon.....
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    Upgrading HD..

    i would increase your Ram before the HD