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    T.120 / Netmeeting compatible application sharing?

    Is anyone aware of any OS X app that will allow me to share apps (and receive shared apps) from other users using netmeeting? I specifically need a T.120 client. (Otherwise I'll have to use VirtualPC and just use netmeeting, more money for M$ :-(.
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    Clarisdraw replacement?

    Thanks for the recommendations! I looked at the description of conceptdraw, and it doesn't seem to be intended for scale drawings (drafting), with layout lines, etc. I haven't downloaded Canvas yet, but I will do so shortly.
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    Clarisdraw replacement?

    Under classic, I've been occassionally using Clarisdraw (was MacDraw) to do layout for woodworking. Given Claris is no more :(, I'd like to replace it with someing OS X native, but I'm not that interested in an expensive CAD tool. I'm happy if I can just do simple drafting, and automatically get...
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    printer queues anyone?

    Continuing investigation: I've replicated /etc/printcap from some linux machines here, so now lpc sees all the printers. But it could not start up lpd. I started /usr/libexec/lpd manually. That seems to make lpc happy, but lpr -Pprinter still says the printers are unknown... and files still...
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    printer queues anyone?

    I've just run into the same thing trying to print out man pages. I can groff just fine, but I end up having to save a .ps file but then have no apparent way to directly send such a file to a printer (used to drag and drop to the desktop printer in OS 9).
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    Anyone figure out how to associate a PPD file with a printer? I can connect to the printer via appletalk or LPD, but it thinks it's a laserwriter instead of a Phaser 740...
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    restless sleep consumes much battery

    Apple does address this. You are running down the battery and there is only limited power for the pram to support battery swapping. See: <a href=""> Apple TIL 30580</a>
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    Tweaking the swap file

    Generally speaking, changing the size of your swap file won't change thrashing behavior. The problem is that the working set of your running programs exceeds your available core memory. If you want to reduce thrashing, buy more core. (RAM for you whippersnappers). The reason to increase swap...
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    Anyone using UFS?

    I had a number of problems using UFS on my bronze G3 Powerbook. Classic didn't work; this is apparently fixable, though I didn't know that until I had already gotten my machine working by installing OS X on HFS +. (Apparently you have to copy the classic application to an HFS+ partition...
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    Classic Software That works/doesn't work

    I've had no problems running Word 98 and Powerpoint 98. I did reinstall Mac OS 9 specifically to run as classic, and updated to 9.04. I then let (running under this new system folder, i.e. 9.04) each program reinstall it's needed extensions. Running these programs under OS X seems to work...
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    When the Beta expires, will people be hosed?

    Which sense of "almost 90% finished" do you mean? Really 60% finished, which is almost 90%. It's been almost 90% finished for the last 9 months now, and it's gonna be 90% finished in May.