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    Advantages to UFS over HFS+?

    If you think HFS+ is best for you, go ahead but don't expect old utilities to like Norton and Disk Warrior or OS 9 auto-verify on startup to work. You might want a look at some of the letters sent into MacIntouch recently for another perspective. HFS+ modifies the wrapper, Norton can't...
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    everything crashes all the time

    Taking a look at CPU Monitor, Process Viewer, Top, and it shows that X has every process swapped partially to disk (virtual), some resident, even if it is not being used currently. Classic alone using 80MB RAM and 108MB Virtual = 188 MB total. Mail = 20MB or more (12MB resident, 6 - 80...
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    everything crashes all the time

    >>> I *used* to have OS 9 installed before I reformatted while installing the OS X beta. I only went back to 8.6 because that was from the original iBook CD and I haven't gotten around to upgrading up to OS 9 again yet... I updated the firmware before the beta, <<<< Ouch! (and Sorry;(...
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    MacOS X CD won't boot on iBook

    Try with just X and run Drive Setup first?
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    Application Menu

    Done it, it's buggy gets corrupted, don't recommend using it. You can command + tab or command + shift + tab to cycle through, and Command + H will hide Carbon apps (incl. AppleWorks 6). The more of Classic's "neat" features - most of them were the causes of fragmented memory and...
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    Manual for OS X?

    Head over to and you'll find a wealth of books, some with CD, wide range and anything that covers BSD will help. Apple hasn't installed all the "man" files needed at this point I don't think. There is a summary of commands on the net, a 128 pg file. Some pdf stuff. Intro...
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    Advantages to UFS over HFS+?

    Classic works fine with X on a UFS volume. You just can't have both on same and you really don't want that setup anyway. Safety is that Norton etc won't trash the volume directory and drive. Unix is well-known and HFS+ is a newcomer on the block. Just be sure to initialize with latest...
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    Problems with IE 5.5, Mail

    Haven't seen reports related to IE 5.5 Pages not loading, freezes on some javascript, rare lock-up requiring force quit. Having to disable IE 5.5 from handling hqx and sit files that are carbon. Mail - takes 7.4% memory (18MB on 256MB system!) Trouble with Stuffit Expander...
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    Disk First Aid in X

    In order to repair you have to click on the "lock" to make changes. X does a good job during startup to scan and repair. No changes to HFS+? Then why does letting Norton fix Major Errors corrupt a drive and require reformatting? No version cahnge to DFA X (8.5.5) from 9.0, just a date...
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    Booting OSX from OS9

    Using Option to select at startup (only works on newest Macs anyway) can mess things up. Or trying to use the older Startup. How bout zap pram? Hopefully you haven't run Norton or anything. Greg
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    everything crashes all the time

    Firmware? PRAM? Etc? STAY AWAY FROM NORTON! Run Disk First Aid that comes with X - has same version as 9.0.4 but Sept 2000 date. Also, you should use Drive Setup from 9.0.4 or one that comes with X. You were running 8.6 so DFA and Drive Setup are not current enough. And even...
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    Failing to launch Classic!?!?

    Requires 9.0.4 and may require disabling 3rd party. A number of extensions installed by Apple aren't used and may contribute to sluggishness as well and are redundant etc. Create an extension set for "Classic" and just use Extension Manager - still works - and play around. 3rd party cpu...
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    Running FINE! is what I would have Eudora be. Just need to import addresses, mail and build some filters. I keep finding new tricks as I go along and how to. However, like others, while I can launch Eudora or OE 5 neither can see or use my PPP connection to send/receive, so I can copy or save to get...
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    Why is MacOs X PB so slow

    Disable as many Apple and probably all your 3rd party extensions in OS 9.0.4 used under X (Classic) and see if that doesn't help. It did here and the sluggishness is a thing of the past. Folder Actions? Control Strip? Indexing? Security? Multi-user? Disable most of the OS 9 crap. I had to...
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    Classic - trimming down extensions

    Once I found out I had to ditch one extension to get Classic to boot (and I was using a clean but updated Apple 9.0.4 system folder, not my usual active set... I had found cutting out 3rd party AND Apple stuff resulted in more stable and less prone to memory fragmentation, esp. disabling...