Classic - trimming down extensions


Once I found out I had to ditch one extension to get Classic to boot (and I was using a clean but updated Apple 9.0.4 system folder, not my usual active set...

I had found cutting out 3rd party AND Apple stuff resulted in more stable and less prone to memory fragmentation, esp. disabling background processes...

X seemed... well, sluggish.

Not after I disabled control strip, folder actions, GameSprockets, Security, Multi-User, and everything thing else that X doesn't need or require or provides for Classic.

Before X had trouble going into sleep mode - not now.

I miss launching via hot keys. Command + Tab to cycle through apps still works. Smaller Doc is useful and okay.

Moved Office library extensions into Office 98 -> Office folder and removed from extensions.

Normal OS 9 partition, OS 9 Classic partition, OS X (UDF - out of the way of utilities etc and safer), scratch/swap volume, 9 GB for apps/docs/internet (useless under X), etc.

But... I hope Apple doesn't expect us to use the Software Control Update mechanism - hasn't worked well under 9.0, suppose to get fixed in 9.1, and wouldn't trust it. Give me a CD update even $$$ or maybe download.

I do wish Apple would announce in couple months how many copies of X Beta were sold.

I just got my G4 400 agp, plopped a 128mb sdram from my win2k server machine and installed 9.04, and then the beta, in it's own partition.

I never changed my extention, but now that you mention it i may try it. I have NOT however had any problems with classic other than some programs not running, at all. They show in the dock but never come up.