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    What was that about a new PowerMac G4?

    fine, if u dont like the rumors, just say so, its much simpler, and takes up a hell of a lot less of your time. i am neither conservative nor stuffy, i am a 19 year old gay part time alcaholic journalism student! "You are taking this waaaaayy to personal my well tanned, intelligent, whitty...
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    What was that about a new PowerMac G4?

    Gadget Lover, can you please stop trying to be clever and quit living in the past, i have nod dissed america in the slightest, i just thought it was a bit off that u had to bring in the fact that the english are fools, in a thread about wether there is gonna be a powermac update or not!!!! it is...
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    What was that about a new PowerMac G4?

    wouldnt it be simpler if there was just one time zone? i know it totally does not make sense but as long as i dont start going to bed at 11 am i dont mind lol, not that i get to bed before 5 on a sunday morning anyway! and it aint cos i have been on here all night! DV8 here i come!
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    What was that about a new PowerMac G4?

    Hey no need to go airing cultural differences!!! there aint nothing wrong with the english and the americans certainly dont kick their ass or vice versa! i am in fact 100% Welsh and proud of it ( dont u dare ask " is wales that place IN england" or i will kill you, it is a total seperate...
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    Absolutely Fabulous!

    Ab Fab is the best thing the BBC have EVER made! i saw the flat panel in the kitchen, and it is actually a cub that they are using. there are also macs in the new Royal Mail ad, unfortunatley the Mac is being used by the awful, disgusting and foul Elton John, more macs in the BBC consumer...
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    American Flag

    and by the way if anyone wants to take time out to check out the Wonderous Miss Sophie Ellis Bextor or the Marvellous Miss Geri Halliwell then their websites are let me know what you think of my two ladies :D sophie's site...
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    American Flag

    i find than the union jack (UK) flag is the funkiest out of the lot!!! apart from the Welsh Dragon of course, ( i am a proud welshman, no sheep, coal mines, cawl or helen from big brother jokes please, i have heard them all before ) unfortunatley there aint a welsh keyboard layout so i am stuck...
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    VPC Test Drive

    i have got Virtual PC version 3, I hate having to boot back into 9.2 everytime i use VPC and i was wondering if you can get the VPC test drive when u only have version 3? i only got VPC 3 because i have an iBook 500 G3 and i heard that Verison 3 works better than 4 on a G3, anyone using the test...
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    AOL UK abandons Mac OS X

    i am a AOL UK user and was using the uk beta untill i got 10.1, it stopped working, i am nowusing the US beta with UK access numbers and it works great! i imagine when the US beta goes GM then they will localise it for the UK, problem solved! it cant be that much work, can it?
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    Calling All iBook users!

    I was just wondering how everybody if finding using 10.1 on your iBooks, mine has been quite mixed! i am running a iBook 500mhz CD-ROM with 320MB of RAM, using OS X 10.1 ( Build 5L14, was 5G64 but went to 5L14 after the IE and Security updates ) Launch Times 1) AOL build 17b = 4 bounces 2)...
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    I Finally Have Mac Os X 10.1!!!!!

    i am still waiting for my copy, it was shipped but i wasnt here when it was delivered :-(
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    10.0.4 Dock Problem

    Hi Guys/Gals I have a problem!!!! my iBook 500 ( CD-ROM, 320 MB ) is playing up!!!! for some reason, when using Mac OS X 10.0.4 sometimes when i launch an app, it launches fine but the icon does not show in the dock! this seems to happen alot with Mail, but has been known to happen alot with...