Calling All iBook users!


I was just wondering how everybody if finding using 10.1 on your iBooks, mine has been quite mixed! i am running a iBook 500mhz CD-ROM with 320MB of RAM, using OS X 10.1 ( Build 5L14, was 5G64 but went to 5L14 after the IE and Security updates )

Launch Times
1) AOL build 17b = 4 bounces
2) IE 5.1 = 1-5 bounces
3) OmniWeb = 12 bounces :-(
4) Mail = 4 bounces
5) MSN Messanger = 3-6 bounces
6) Netscape = 14 bounces, but longer for window to open
7) Qucktime = 9 bounces

Classic using 9.2.1 seems to take AGES to boot up, much slower than 9.1 was usder 10.0.4! The enitre system seems to be faster, blazingly fast on the day that i updated but seems to be slowing down a bit, especially menus and such, the genie effect was fast at the beginning but seems to be getting les smooth all the time, i do frequent prebinding updates using Xoptimize from so that seems to keep things going quicker. so any other ibook owners put your findings down here!
Cheers guys and gals!


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I don't have any problems with the speed of my iBook. I have 10.1 (no Classic/9) and 640 megs of ram. The only program that noticably takes a long-ass time to load is LimeWire .. but that's understandable for a JAVA-POS like that.


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I have no real problems with the speed on mine. I usually get around it by leaving my "must have" programs open, by closing their windows rather than quitting. It's just a matter of changing your habits a little.

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If OmniWeb is your favorite browser, have no fear. The next version, which is updated for 10.1, promises to boot and react more quickly.


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I find the overall performance of OS X 10.1 somewhat slower than OS 9 but not by much. Here are my launch times...

Mail - 4 bounces
IE - 3 bounces
System Prefs - 3 bounces
iTunes - 2 bounces
AppleWorks 6 - 1 bounce
Word 10 - 7 bounces
Quicktime - 3 bounces
Acrobat Reader - 2 bounces

I find that Mac OS 9.2.1 starts up much faster under 10.1 than 9.1 did under 10.0.4.