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    A Developer already released Virtual Desktops!

    One of the benefits to open source that I never anticipated is that you can depend on other people to police your license. The rhetoric on versiontracker can be overheated but I'm afraid they have a point in this case: Virtual Desktops appears to have misappropriated code from I...
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    A Developer already released Virtual Desktops!

    I prefer to think of myself as an ally rather than a rival. I submitted beta feedback on Virtual Desktops in this forum, and is offered under an open source license so that Whitesaint (or anybody else) can benefit from its ongoing development. If that's your idea of competition, then...
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    A Developer already released Virtual Desktops!

    Whitesaint, I appreciate your sentiment: I've been working on a virtual workspace management program since OS X Public Beta. (, source available: As new programs come out in this genre (and you can be certain that Codetek's is not the last of them --...
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    Download Virtual Desktops for OS X

    On installing, the Desktop Manager setup application seemed to run fine, but then nothing happened. I checked out the Login Items .plist and I noticed that it referenced another "Desktop" in the "/Applications" folder. I assume that it tried to install the application from...
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    Spaces Please

    If you're feeling ambitious, you can fix Space.dock so that it works with UFS: In the Resources directory (inside the ".dock"), edit the name of the executable in Info.plist. Right now it reads "space". It should read "Space". This change will appear in the next distribution which should...
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    Spaces Please
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    Need to reset resolution -- from terminal!

    This looks awfully like what I was looking for: /Library/Preferences/
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    Need to reset resolution -- from terminal!

    This weekend I picked up a bargain copy of "Railroad Tycoon II" and decided I would put it to the test in the Classic environment. The install went okay, as did the Intro quicktime movie after a reboot of Classic. At the end of the movie, RTII switched resolutions -- and here is where my trouble...
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    Cocoa for Cash -- What do you charge?

    I'm a salaried programmer considering some contract work programming for Mac OS X. Has anybody out there done this already? I'm trying to get a sense of what the going rate for this kind of work is. For reference, the "Computer Consultant's Guide" (Janet Ruhl) lists a median rate of $73...