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    The MacBook is out

    yeah well i got one.
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    Mac OS X 10.4.3 in Software Update

    i dont have that software update
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    We should have an area where....

    We should have an area where, you can discuss new songs and maybe give ppl songs that they think are good, but that is just my opinion.
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    Someone Say new Powerbooks

    i remember hearing someone say there were going to be new powerbooks. Also i was wondering does anyone here actually use the widgests for Tiger. i Don't
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    Post your desktop!

    sry wasn't meant to be offensive, i just always see girls wering paul frank, never see guys, but i live CA, so it could be diff here.
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    Post your desktop!

    are u a girls, cause i see a lot of girls who wear paul frank. kinda gay
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    Rumors of new Powerbooks & me

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! i just bought 1 about 1 month ago. :mad: :( ::sleepy::
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    Post your desktop! i don't know how to do thumbnails.
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    What happens if you lost your ipod

    What happens if you lost your ipod or it gets stolen? becuase my brother lost his, or it got stolen at school.
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    How to Connect Xbox

    whoa did know you could do that,you are talking about xbox, not xbox360
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    Nano Recall

    not true i hav had a ipod mini for quite some time and the screen only has smuges no cracks. My friend got a Nono a couple of weeks ago and he put it in his pocket of his jeans, sat down, and when he went to listen to it the screen was cracked.
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    what is with the rolleyes. :rolleyes: ::alien::
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    Sync your Xbox 360 with your MAC.

    like you can put your photos, songs in the Xobx, and you can upload certain things from you hard drive that Xbox can read.