Someone Say new Powerbooks


i remember hearing someone say there were going to be new powerbooks.

Also i was wondering does anyone here actually use the widgests for Tiger.
i Don't
There will always be new PowerBooks. Did you think Apple would release a new PowerBook, then just stop upgrading it or something?

There will always be new PowerBooks.

Yes, I use some widgets.
Only widget I keep 'open' in dashboard is the calculator one. I have a ton installed...just found them to be questionably useful for me. Add the limited resources my iBook has and it's just not worth it IMO.
Then I'd use and disable Dashboard (see Helps performance.
I use it for an egg timer, imageshack uploading, dilbert-reading and stickies. i've also got an uptime-timer (which has just been reset thanks to itunes 6.0) and a number of other useless crap like a 3d rubix cube and freeview tv from the US. (which is crap btw)
fryke said:
Then I'd use and disable Dashboard (see Helps performance.

I saw that out there, but decided against it. I like how simple and quick the calc widget loads and is to use compared to the standalone app. Performance wise it runs fine with just one open. Add a few more and there are issues...but just one is fine.
I'm not really wanting to disable DashBoard, at least now right now but I sometimes wish the DashBoard items were little apps that didn't vanish when I clicked on my main job. I only have a couple loaded.

Well, I read fryke's comment and went over to MacHints to see what I could find and I found TinkerTool (which is pretty easy, it's a top pick).

It lets you turn DashBoard on and off at will from a GUI and lots, lots, more. So you can have your choice.
I hope that at that event they release iWork 2.0. . .i also bet we see an iPod shuffle in black within a few months.
it's reportedly addressing issues with their pro lines. so this will be powermacs and powerbooks updated, and possibly software updates to things like motion, final cut, shake, logic etc, and maybe one more thing...
If it's a silent update, that probably means that "one more thing" would not be so special.
I've tried a few but never I really don't use widgets at all. I particularly don't like how widgets are implemented. They should just be able to run on the desktop like any other app. New PowerBooks this week, if any will be lame upgrades. An HD display like i've been hearing is pretty useless if you ask me.