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    Frustration with real player

    Stay away from realplayer if you have the option. Being selective in this way can sometimes be a pain, but the real pain is real for not supporting mac, oh yeah and the bastards that decide to use it to stream their content.
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    Can read but can't burn CD/DVD's

    You really should still be under warranty (and perhaps the 90 day free telephone support?). I have had a similar problem on my families emac, it can read discs but programs like toast can't burn cds. Most likely it is a hardware problem as you suspect - so get busy and get apple to replace the...
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    Print Queue continually stopping

    When printing a document it goes to Tiger's print queue which always shows "Jobs Stopped", upon clicking "Start Jobs" the print queue freezes for about six seconds then displays "Jobs Stopped" again with no error message what so ever. I have updated my printer driver and OS X (to 10.4.6), and...
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    Safari 2 Unexpected Quit on Quit

    I've found if I enable ALL my fonts (900 +) Safari doesn't unexpectedly quit. However when I disable/re-enable them again it quits again... As I am a designer and have so many fonts, I need to switch them off and on. It could be a problem with certain fonts being enabled and duplicates exsisting...
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    Dvd Mounting Problem, Maybe Combo Drive Issue?

    I am experiencing this same problem. I'm running an eMac with a Pioneer DVD-105 superdrive in it. It works fine most of the time. Though with various, by that I mean not all, DVD-r's that have been burnt by other computers (macs and pcs alike) will spin for thirty seconds and than eject...