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    home MacOS/MacOSX/Win98 network

    I want to set up my aged PMac 8500 (MacOS 9) as a gateway to the internet and enable simultaneous surfing and e-mailing from my iMac (MacOSX.1) and my roommate's windows 98 box. We have a hardware router, a cable modem, and a *swack* of ethernet cables. what we don't have is *any* knowledge...
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    Keychain problems and Kerberos

    Does anyone know why I don't get an 'edit' menu when I open Keychain Access? Also, I can't find any info about MacOS X's Kerberos implementation. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks, Jes G4 AGP video 192 MB 6 GB drive
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    MacOS X security

    I am looking for information about security on MacOS X- how security-friendly the OS/filesystem is, etc, for a paper (or possible article) that I'm going to write. Specific questions are how does it stack up against certain other BSDs, and how easy/hard is it to harden MacOS X? Anyone with...