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    Outlook 2011 for mac issue - Need to add account again after restart

    Check for an additional user profile called "Default". Even if you have your own one set up, Outlook 2011 will often load that for preference, if it exists. Really annoying.
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    How do I transfer iTunes Extras to an iPhone 4s

    You may find that iTunes Extras do not function on ANY iOS devices now (unless it states as so). There was a discussion on John Grubers ( Podcast recently, about how much iTunes Extra content is currently ONLY viewable in iTunes on the Desktop. Alternatively, if iTunes is...
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    Encrypt external hard drive without erasing data?

    I don't think you can do encrypt in place for Time Machine Backups at all (need to do on drive setup).
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    Boot up disc name change - Some applications wont launch

    Hi Mandy. I know that the network name of computers can get changed/incremented sometimes for various reasons (booting off a cloned drive sometimes causes it). This can often be remedied by ensuring the correct name is specified in the Sharing System Preference Pane (in OSX 10.6.x – might be...
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    iBook OSX Needed

    According to the venerable Mactracker database, the most current version of OSX you can run on that model of iBook is OSX 10.4.11. I'd still recommend stuffing the full 640Mb of RAM it can fit in it if you want it to run anything approaching acceptably.
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    OSX Re-Install fails

    If the DVD is grey, it's a Machine-specific install DVD, and will not work for your machine. If it's Black, it is a generic install DVD which will install on all supported hardware.
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    Messenger for Mac Error After Sign-in.

    New version is out: Version 8 is available from MIcrosoft and is a notable improvement over previous version.
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    Wierd CD behavior

    It's likely the session was left open when the CD was burned. Sometimes when this is done on a PC, the resulting disc is not readable on a Mac. The other issue could be that it might have been burned in an obscure PC only version of the CD-ROM format - CD-ROM-XA, which also can't be read.
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    Accessing iTunes via wifi?

    One option I've found is a free Mac server & iPod/iPad client solution called Zumocast. You run the Zumocast server app on your Mac, and it streams music and video to your iDevice. Crucially, it can also transcode unsupported media formats on the fly and play them over the network on your...
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    Which graphic card is best under 85$ for playing games and using mac ?

    And that's its own sticky kettle of fish for hardware compatibility & drivers.
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    backing up iPod touch is taking FOREVER

    Sometimes if your iPod is connected via a USB hub the process can take longer. It is worth trying the synch with the iPod directly connected to one of your computers' USB ports. May or may not be the issue.
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    using mac the ripper

    To back up DVDs you've MADE (ie: non-commercial ones), you can make dis images of them with the included Disc Utility application
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    Is there a way to attach pictures without embedding?

    In my experience, Outlook users also sometimes have problems if the images are not added at the absolute end of the message, or if you select the attachment and select 'show as icon'. Avoiding both of these situations can also help.
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    Restoring from a Backup to A Different Type of Mac

    The answer to your question depends on how the OS was installed in the first place. Firstly, A PowerPC install of Leopard or earlier can only be restored to a PowerPC Mac, and the same with an Intel install, if you expect it to still boot afterwards. Secondly, you 'may' have issues if you...
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    MiniDisplay to RGB (trhough HDMI) problem :S

    DisplayPort and HDMI support HDCP (High Definition Copy Protection). If the content or connection is looking for this, it will fail at the HDMI to RGB converter.