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    Bono from U2
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    Apple Refurbished?

    Well, here's a bad story for ya: about 3 or 4 years ago i bought an iBook G3 that was refurbished. Worked great for 6-7 months, then the logic board died and the CD Tray broke (but CD trays are a bad idea anyways) so i got that fixed under my warranty. Then another 7 months later, my hard drive...
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    Advice on DVD camcorders

    wow... did you read any of the comments? basically everyone is advising you to go with a mini-DV cam
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    Advice on DVD camcorders

    Advice is, don't get one. you are stuck with a pre-compressed DVD that you really can't do much with. not to mention a lot of them use mini-DVDs which Apple STRONGLY advises you not use in slot-loading drives (which is everything except G3 iBooks, eMacs, and most powermacs.
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    Where is/what is the Cuss Thread?

    ever notice how there really isn't that much cussing around here?
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    Dead Man's Chest: Spoilers

    This is the first movie i have seen in theaters for a long time that has had a theater wide reaction to something (examples: the water wheel bit - laugh, and the tribal dude popping out of the tree - whole theater jumped in unison) over all great movie
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    The new MacBook

    If you have a second monitor connected to the Mini-DVI port, That toggles between Mirrored screen and Duel Screen. it's really handy for doing presentations
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    Fav "old" apple computers

    i always had a dream of spring loading the CD-Rom drive so that it would be a game to catch CD's as they fell from you ceiling
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    When you get to lvls that have a lot of stuff going on (thunder storms and such) it will kill your machine. but give the demo a try
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    Pixar's next film: Ratatouille

    and for those of you who can't figure out how to say it, The name is Rat*a*too*ee
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    Super Mario "Live"

    seen the live before. but i must say, that makes me want to play SMB (even though the guy showing it off speed through it :'( )
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    Am I too old to be hired by an Apple Store?

    And just to clear up the inaccuracy from Iolaire. There is plenty of room to advance. if i could, i would tell you how much. but just believe me. there is plenty of room and it's encouraged.
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    Am I too old to be hired by an Apple Store?

    Well, i know at my store Age and former sales training is not important. The biggest thing is that you are personable. Able to make a connection with a customer. I was hired after only working as a busboy for a small café. And i know at the SF flagship, the average age is about 32. My advice...
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    What's YOUR age?

    congratulations ksv. i turn 19 on Friday ^_^ yay for May Birthdays