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    Audio HiJack Pro

    You're thinking of Wiretap, by Ambrosia Software, not Audio Hijack Pro. Audio Hijack Pro is much more featureful compared to Wiretap, where AHP can hijack individual applications, apply effects, set up timers, etc., and Wiretap is essentially a "dumb" System-wide audio recorder. If it is not...
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    Name of Application: MenuTunes Creator: iThink Software URL: Why I am Nominating This: I'm one of the developers :p Though, in all seriousness, It's been developed to fill my needs in an application such as this. I'm of the opinion that it has the best looking...
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    How do I launch a URL using Cocoa (Objective C)

    well, the URL method I suggest because.. well, thats what Its made for :) Kind of like how you are "supposed" to use a spoon when eating icecream, but you CAN use a fork.. its just kind of how you are supposed to use it :p
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    Any Network Cocoa-ers Here?

    The idea is nice, I'll give you that, but I think its a bit far off... First, both the Hotline and Carracho protocols are very popular, and smaller protocols, such as one you would write, might not "survive"... Secondly, there is a "cocoa" server for the hotline protocol.. It's called HXD...
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    How do I launch a URL using Cocoa (Objective C)

    *actually*, you should use the openURL method.. even though it is more code :) [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""]];
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    Cocoa Forum website

    What about..., eh? eh? And theres even more. Don't mean to throw you off your idea, it just seems a waste when theres already sites that can do it. I hate having to go to tons of sites to get my help...
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    Cocoa Forum website

    er, what about :)
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    To all you lamers out there...

    Waar..g.. Doub..ost... :D x 100
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    To all you lamers out there...

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    Want to see an opensource app for Mac...?

    These ideas sound great, I'll see what the others think... This MenuCalc idea sounds great, so that will probally become a reality... Check out our forums ( to see updates regarding it, and register too whydontcha? :)
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    Want to see an opensource app for Mac...?

    Post your suggestions! We are accepting ideas, and if there are some we like, we might start work on them. Also, if you want to join the group, introduce yourself stating that... all group members can work on any of our current projects.. Remember, The...
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    Programming and Development Network

    Howdy Howdy... this is quite a spam-post, but read ahead anyway, i beg of you... My company, The ChronoSurf Media Group, has aquired a website that will make its development network complete. The network consists of: iThink Software - commercial, closed source application development The...