Want to see an opensource app for Mac...?

Joseph Spiros

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Post your suggestions!


We are accepting ideas, and if there are some we like, we might start work on them. Also, if you want to join the group, introduce yourself stating that... all group members can work on any of our current projects..

Remember, The iThink Group is an opensource development group, so dont join up thinking you can keep your code that you give us secret :)


If you wanna do something thousands of people are waiting for....add CMYK support to GIMP. IIRC, GIMP is opensource, so you should be allowed to improve it...

that would be REALLY cool


The only thing that I really miss is really small: In OS9 I had a control strip calculator. When you clicked on the control strip icon, a calculator would pop up and you could use this calculator without having to switch apps or anything.

I'd love a menuling calculator. :D


Javintosh has me thinking. A really functional calculator would be cool.

Of course OSX comes with a simple calculator but it's weak. Windows comes with a marginal scientific calculator that usually has what I need.

Anyway, that's my vote, a better calculator.



My iMac came with a program called pCalc installed -- is this not a common application? It seems pretty fully functional to me...

But like I said, it was already installed, so I don't know if it's Apple's, or freeware, or a commercial application.


Often, I just need to do some simple arithmetic. I'd love to be able to click on a menuling and use the numeric keypad to do out some simple arithmetic and then click on the menuling to hide the calculator...

The problem with apple's calculator is that it i a full app so have to switch over to it. Also, the window tends to get hidden behind other windows so you have to go over to the dock.

I guess I really like CalcStrip. :rolleyes:


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How about something to allow me to sync phone numbers from my Motorola V60c cell phone to some OS X, I guess the Address Book? There's TrueSync for Windows, but apparently nothing for the Mac.



Coaster is a great, free program for OS 9 which records to audio to disk. It has several neat features the best of which is that is extensively scriptable by AppleScript. This means that with Applescript and a script scheduler you can make unattended recordings and save them as files with appropriate names.

The author is too busy to port this himself. Perhaps he would be willing to give up the code (or most of it) to this project?


Originally posted by Joseph Spiros
We are accepting ideas, and if there are some we like, we might start work on them. [/B]

Preferably, it should be something we know how to do :)


Due to all the rediculous software patents out there, GIMP won't have many of the features that Photoshop has for another 10 to 15 years due to patents on the color manipulation and such.

You can blame this on our totally incompetent US Patent Office which will patent pretty much anything.


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Besides... implementing color spaces isn't something that's fun to do... esp. with accurate (even semi-accurate) color reproduction.

OK... here's an idea... a distributed peer to peer storage system for closed networks / lans to contribute distributed storage space on each machine to a large network based raid with authenticated user spaces and intelligent self management that would allow the file system peers/nodes transfer data that was being accessed to the workstation it was being accessed from.

On top of it all, let it interface with an LDAP server for user authentication and have a web-based admin tool.

That's what I want for christmas :)


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I missed out on the calculator discussion but I wanted to post my solution that works quite well. I find that WCalc works great as a calculator (get it on version tracker) because it has great order of operation stuff and allows you to view history in the gui. It is also great because it works as a command line tool as well. Combined with a program called ShellService (found on the Apple.com website under MacOSX Unix Downloads) I can type wcalc 4+3 in any cocoa app (like this one, Omniweb) then I select it and push command-shift-X and it comes out 7.

Okay in theory this works but I think I broke the CLI part of the calculator. Point is, ShellService is awesome. it works with man and ispell and date and many others leaving the output right there in the place you want it.


The same day this thread started Menulator came out. If is pretty cool, you have a calculator icon in the menu bar. When you want to use a calculator, hit cmd-esc and the icon opens up. You can then use the keypad as a calculator with numbers and results written into the opened up menubar space. When you are done, hit cmd-c to copy the result (if you need to) and cmd-h to collapse menulator into an icon once again.

very, very cool! :cool: