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    File Sharing Between 9.0.4 and X

    This is exactly what I'm saying!
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    File Sharing Between 9.0.4 and X

    Dude, TCP/IP sharing _IS_ Appleshare IP. There's a server product (that includes a lot of other stuff), but I don't think that's what he's talking about.
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    A Simple Question....

    Try the System Disk control panel under System Preferences. A control panel by the same name is needed under OS9 to be able to switch back, but it's on the DP4 and PB install CD. I have yet to have a problem with it, although my network settings did just mysteriously disappear just now when I...
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    What is NetInfoManager?

    A much-needed added step to porting to the POSIX layer with no palapable return other then a proprietary black hole for your configuration data. When this was new, we all thought X.500 was going to be the open-spec game to be playing. Well, now it is, so I hope that they dump it.
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    Dual processor speed

    Very, very veeeeeery nicely. Much better than DP4, in fact, which didn't freaking run at all on a dual. Not that I'm bitter. Not that I read "any G4 powermac" in the requirements and let that push me over the edge of getting rid of my single 400 and buying a dual. =P Well, my own damn...
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    Will Apple really be able to increase speed?

    Keep in mind that the last step (usually) in most large development projects is optimization. You usually want to have your system working properly before you start tweaking it, so that you at least know that you're starting on stable ground. That way, when something breaks, it's likely your...
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    What is NetInfoManager?

    It's the application you use to manage NetInfo...Geesh! ;) Remember that, under the hood, OS X & Rhapsody/OS X Server are basically NextStep-derived. If you don't remember NeXT, it was the company that Steve Jobs started after he left Apple. NetInfo was (and presumably is) a way to...