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    Problem with iMac g4

    It sounds like the Btree, or volume catalog could be corrupted. Grab yourself a copy of Alsoft's "Disk Warrior" - runs about $99 ( Make sure to get the most current version. 3.0.3 I think ) Insert the disk in the drive, and restart the machine. Hold down the "C" key while the machine is...
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    WEIRD - Explain this one ??!!

    I understand that, but it was installed with no OSX on it at the time. Only OS 9 was on the machine when it was installed. So the same .app that runs under OS 9 also runs under OS X ? Without additional OS X support files, ect?
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    WEIRD - Explain this one ??!!

    OK heres the story ..... My sister in law called me this weekend and asked me to come over and check out this new computer (New to her) that she found sitting at the dumpster. Said it was an iMac and wanted me to come check it out and make sure everything worked. So I go over to the house...
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    File Permissions.

    For server 10.4.x if its an all Mac network, you can turn on ACL ( Access Control List ) and set the group your students are in on ACL for RW access. This is done in the Workgroup Manager app, where you set the shares and permissions. Dont add the users individually, as them as 1 group. Just...
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    RDC for mac

    Remote Desktop Connection for Mac from Microsoft is Free. It enables a macintosh to remotely control a PC running XP Pro ( Not Home! ) and W2k pro or connect to a terminal session on a terminal server. Do not...
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    Best place to sell your mac? or <--- These guys sometimes buy older Macs. You will have to contact them to find out if they will purchase your computer. Here are some I found using Google search. I cannot vouch for them!
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    G4 digital Audio and OSX Tiger

    I had this problem too when upgrading a G4 from Panther to Tiger .... Basically, you have a Tiger unsupported video card. You will need to do one of the following 1) Accept that without the new Vid Card, you cant run tiger in color, and set your old 10.3.x system folder as the boot...
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    Recover My Files

    How is asking for a simaler program equivelent on the Mac illegal? Data Rescue II is not warez, or freeware it is commercial software. BTW I reccomend the following programs 1) Alsoft - Disk Warrior Ver 3.0.3 2) Prosoft - Drive Genius & Data Rescue II These three programs are great!
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    Canon iP4000 invisible to Mac on Buffalo network

    I have had issues trying to do simaler setups. It seems the Mac can print to it, if you set it up as in IP printer in the Printer Setup Utility. However, becuase the device is connected to a "Windows" print server, you will not have any of the extras ( IE Fax, Scanner, Ink Levels, Align Heads...
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    Dvd ripping

    Unfortunatly I know of no free ( At least not a legal free ) way to do this. I do however know of a way this can be done. You will need 2 things. 1) A Copy of "Mac The Ripper" <- do a google search. This is a free download This program can RIP the DVD's. If you are not concerned with the...
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    "EDIT: You should also get World Of Warcraft, as you will become totally addicted and have very little time to even consider being creative" If you dont want to shell out $50 for WoW - you can DL and begin playing Everquest immediately - for FREE - just check out :-)
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    Copy printer settings from one Mac to another??

    Can someone provide details on how to do this if its possible? Have a client in a design firm that got a new computer, used migration tool to get the new mac set up, however printer settings were not transfered. ( Was not previously aware of this limitation ) This user has about 8...
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    Limiting Ftp Users In 10.4.1 Server

    I am having the SAME issue. I do NOT want my FTP clients to see the other clients folders. How can I limit what the FTP users see? I dont want client A knowing we are also servicing client B. IE our clients do not need to know who our other clients are, by using the FTP site and seeing...
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    How do you have mic and headphones at same time?

    I use Skype, and my set up is the following: Mic = Labtec USB mic - Similar to the one on this page ->,crid=8,contentid=621,crid2=10 Then I just plug a set of earbuds into the headphone jack. Same type of earbuds used on an iPod. Mic...
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    VPN Issue - Split Tunneling?

    I have a client that has an OS X Server( 10.3.9 ) with VPN set up. They can connect just fine to the VPN from home. Problem is when connected to the VPN from home, they can no longer surf the internet or retrieve email, until they close the VPN session. Its my understanding that IP...