VPN Issue - Split Tunneling?


I have a client that has an OS X Server( 10.3.9 ) with VPN set up. They can connect just fine to the VPN from home.

Problem is when connected to the VPN from home, they can no longer surf the internet or retrieve email, until they close the VPN session.

Its my understanding that IP routing information can be configured( In the Mac OS X server VPN setup), so that when they need files from the server they use the VPN "Private" connection, but if they need to surf the internet or retrieve email they use their local "public" internet connection.

I am unable to figure this out on my own, can someone please give me a walkthough or some pointers.

If using a walkthough, for sake of example, lets say the internal network addressing scheme is a format and the server is located at and Watchguard Firebox Router at - PPTP / L2TP iPSec authentication is passed through the Firebox to OS X Server.


Hello Khama,

I don't know for Panther, but on Tiger server, you are able to restrict the use of the VPN (on the client machine) to a defined network. You need to use Server Admin, select the server with VPN, go to VPN section -> settings.
The fourth tab to the right (Information on clients) is the place you need to go.
The box to the bottom let you create rules for the use of the VPN. You can create a rule stating for example that the network (corresponding to the network address of the network reached by the VPN) is of type private, which means the client needs t use VPN to access the computers.
For any other access, the client will use its "regular" connection