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    Save Outlook Express Folders and Contacts

    Have not tried Entourage, but it has been proposed as a option. In my test environment, It works about 80% through MAC OSX Mail. Thanks.
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    Save Outlook Express Folders and Contacts

    Yes, There is a export that allows you to export contacts only. However, OSX Mail and Address Book will not recognize the file. I wonder if there is a way to export "Identities?" And if it would save the structure. Thanks.
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    Save Outlook Express Folders and Contacts

    My friend has an old G4 Powermac that is running OS9.2.1 with Outlook Express. All of his contacts and folder structure (sent mails, folders for each client ect...) are running on Outlook Express on OS 9. Now that I have convinced him of the upgrade, it is crucial that his contacts, sent mail...
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    I was just given a G4 733 (digital audio)

    Is there a jumper requirement for the old macs? (ie, master or cable select) on the DVD drive?
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    NYC Mac Store

    A pic of the NYC Mac Store. It was very busy, however the service was fast. This is a Tuesday afternoon!!!:eek:
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    My Home Office Setup

    Love the chair.
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    mac g4 will not boot no chimes, monitor

    Have you looked inside the computer? Are all of the cables from the power supply connected? Sometimes the RAM may come unseated...Is your RAM snug?