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    Kensington Orbit Right Button Tricks

    I have the Kensington Orbit hooked to my iMac DV running on OSX - the right button automatically generates a CTRL+Click! Kensington has software you can download to map that function in OS 9, but I didn't use it because of extension conflicts. Seems like Apple included it in OSX. I know - right...
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    Running FINE!

    I'm running fine with X installed on a different partition from 9 - all my old apps and docs are accessible and running just fine. The only problem I have is PC formatted Zip disks won't mount in X - Mac formatted work just dandy. What does everybody think of the "Mail" app? Can't stand it...
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    OSX Deathly slow

    Installed OS X on 4 GB partition on my iMac DV (G3 400) with 128 MB. Everything works nice and fast - OS X apps and Classic apps (have Classic booting at startup). Only complaint I have is the Mail program included with OS X stinks. Dragged Outlook Express (runs in Classic) into the dock instead...