Kensington Orbit Right Button Tricks


I have the Kensington Orbit hooked to my iMac DV running on OSX - the right button automatically generates a CTRL+Click! Kensington has software you can download to map that function in OS 9, but I didn't use it because of extension conflicts. Seems like Apple included it in OSX. I know - right clicking is one of those "Windows" things, but I do use it a lot when surfing the net.

Just another kewl thing in OSX that makes me love it!
Actually so far I've seen that all two-button mice have the right mouse button working... the scroll wheel even works in some apps on my iSweet Net. I'd like to be able to map the button to different modifiers like the Macally drivers let me do under 9, but that's something that will wait until macally has the drivers for X, I'm sure. I'm just glad it does SOMETHING for now besides the same thing as the left mouse button.