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  • Hi macavenger,

    Susato (Jean) here from the Team MacOSX folding team.

    This is just a note to alert you that the Folding@Home client you were using through January has expired and (eek!) stopped folding.

    The PandeGroup's new OSX-SMP and PPC clients were issued at the beginning of February and will remain usable through July -- twice as long as the earlier beta clients. I'd like to encourage you to install the one appropriate to your machine and return to active Folding. The new client works fine with InCrease so long as you install it manually into the proper folders; here's a link on how to go about the download and installation.


    Also, Calxalot has indicated that he'll issue a new version of InCrease in a couple of days which will download the new client from Stanford directly, so another option is to upgrade to the new InCrease when it becomes available. Check back into the forum this weekend or early next week, and you'll see the announcement. In other news, we expect to overtake the Tech Report team in under a month, and we're also moving the team's website to a new server with more room and an even faster response time.

    Hope life's going well for you! Drop into the forum when you get a chance, and let us know how you're doing.

    With very best wishes
    Jean, a.k.a. susato
    Team MacOSX forum staffer
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