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    Movies on an external HD

    I want to put movies and tv shows on an external HD, what is the best way to choose the size of the HD? GB or time the box says it can hold?
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    Bootcamp on an external HD

    Macbook pro doesn't have it. So, for setting up bootcamp; is it better to run bootcamp assistant or take it to the mac store? My only argument for taking it in is that I don't want to screw it up. Or is the bootcamp assistant that good? And if I only want to do it to play PC games how much...
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    Bootcamp on an external HD

    Is it possible to run bootcamp on an external HD? I have VMware but have problems running PC games on it. I have windows 7 OS but it won't work.
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    MacBook Pro Sleeping Problems

    My Macbook Pro appears to have narcolepsy. I'll have the screen up woking on something and it will go into sleep mode for a couple of seconds. Nothing else happens, it just goes to sleep. A second problem is it not going to sleep. I'll close the lid and it won't go to sleep, the screen...
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    Automator Help

    That makes sense thanks. Can I use automator to pull the image off the pdf and put it in a word doc to highlight it?
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    Automator Help

    Tried to use Automator to extract the text out of some pdfs but it only worked on some of them. The others just open as blank text in RTF. Any suggestions on how to pull the text out? Thanks.