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    Mac-friendly routers?

    hello, i recently bought: Admin interface works fine on my Tiger intel mac... Setup/configuration is very easy, my DSL line simply needed my user/pass. Speeds/range are very, very good too. Interestingly, I used my mac because...
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    Keeping DHCP/Manual settings seperately for different WLANs

    hi, thanks
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    Exporting a List of File Names

    1) open 2) type: cd directory-you-want-to-go-to; ls > blah.txt e.g. cd ~/Desktop; ls > blah.txt would put my desktop filenames into blah.txt...
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    Google to slowly replace .mac?

    I'd love it if google services were intergated with my operating system...
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    Polonium 210

    at a wild guess, he's referring to the russian spy killed in London last month: