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    Darwin 1.2.1... Is it worth downloading?

    Hi guyz I was wondering if it was worth downloading Darwin 1.2.1? Is it an upgrade the the Darwin that came w/ OS X Beta? How do I find out my version of Darwin/Unix?
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    Is my OS X too slow?

    I was wondering how I could find out if my OS X Beta was runnin too slowly! I was wondering if u guyz could give me some stats on yer systems like: Power g3/g4 and amount of ram. I am running 64mb of ram on a G3! OS X seems to be awesme but when I load Classic its dif.
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    Killing OS X

    I agree 100% if u try toget use to the new X features they will serve u well. The only bad thing is now I have to slowly migrate all my stuff to os x but that will come soon enough!