Is my OS X too slow?


I was wondering how I could find out if my OS X Beta was runnin too slowly! I was wondering if u guyz could give me some stats on yer systems like:
Power g3/g4 and amount of ram.
I am running 64mb of ram on a G3!
OS X seems to be awesme but when I load Classic its dif.
running classic with a machine having only 64 meg of RAM is the problem. I have a 400 mhz g3 with 128 meg of RAM...when i ran classic i could hear my hard drive going nutty paging since i was running low on ram...i got another 128 a couple weeks ago and it run beautifully. Keep in mind you are essentially running two OS's, therefore 64 megs of ram doesn't leave much room for other apps when classic is open. I don't have any specs for you, but i think this should kinda answer your question
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At 512, even running a bunch of apps + classic I very rarely get any paging at all.

64 is nowhere near enough to run classic usably (as if classic were usable at all at this point!). I'd recommend at least 192. RAM is dirt cheap right now.
That's basically it. I'm runnin a powerbook with 64 megs of RAM right now, and OS X is uberslow. And it hardly runs Classic. (Endian: Oh, come on. You know you love Classic). I've got 128 more megs coming in in a few days, I imagine that'll spice things up nicely. And it's true. RAM is dirt cheap. I bought those 128 for $80.