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    HOT!!! 20GB iPod fpr 407.66

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    i need banner image help

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    cheaper music from itunes

    Go to Amazon Add 5 - $15 gift cards to basket enter code: ITUNES544DEC the fifth card will be free. happy holidays!
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    *Speculation!* 20th ann. iMac Paris expo?

    i wouldnt mind an xserve g5 with a high definition LCD for the price of an iMac!
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    Tiger Preview: Slow?

    i havent installed xcode yet. I am waiting for future releases. I want the OS to stablize some before i start to write new code. Does anyone know what percent of the overall system is 64 bit in tiger? The unix underpinnings is supposed to be full 64, at least from what I have read and have...
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    Tiger Preview: Slow?

    i have a 1.6GHz G5
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    Tiger Preview: Slow?

    i have had lots of bugs, like only widgets and the search bar load on boot (missing 3/4 of the top menu), pressing shift and f11 while in the dashboard causes jumping, lots of app crashes, random freezes, and general instability. I havent played with it too much becuase of my problems. the...
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    Is Virtual PC good enough for MS Office work?

    office pro X includes VPC, but pro 2004 will not be out until VPC 7 is released.
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    Hardware Requirements for 10.4

    I think the only seed has been for WWDC members. ADC seeds will probably come later. I could be wrong though
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    Apple also stole Launchbar.

    apple needs to integrate butler. I love that application. It truly completes OS X. I never liked the Konfabulator.
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    Hardware Requirements for 10.4

    core image effects, like this require more muscle. They will scale the features to your systems capabilities. Hopefully we get more details in the coming months. I am guessing we will see Tiger by March, so there is plenty of...
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    Hardware Requirements for 10.4 found the answer. i do have a 5200 ultra. I cant wait to use it.
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    Filemaker to buy Daylite??

    daylite is developed around Openbase, an SQL based database. Filemaker would have to do some reporgramming to allow for a filemaker database.
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    Hardware Requirements for 10.4

    the current requirements are G3 or higher like previous versions. The new graphics features will scale to your system, but requires higher end graphics to get the full effect. Heres the list: Supported graphics cards: ATI Radeon 9800 XT ATI Radeon 9800 Pro ATI Radeon 9700 Pro ATI Radeon...