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    Biege g3 Upgraded HD

    Hmm, that's interesting.... I have a rev a G3 that I couldn't do the install with, even though I re-installed my original apple hd. I was attributing the failure to my OWC 400-overclocked to-433 zif upgrade - I couldn't even get the beast to boot from the OSX disc. At least you got farther...
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    More Beige G3 OS X wierdness

    Think I'm gonna throw in the towel, I just can't believe this can be made to install on a rev A Beige G3 with a zif upgrade. I've put the original hard drive back in the beast, upgraded to 9.0.4, run hard drive setup to make sure the drivers are current. Now, when I set the startup disc to...
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    More Beige G3 OS X wierdness

    Hello, I haven't seen this particular problem regarding OS X installation on a Beige G3. -Beige G3 233 Rev A with OWC 400 mhz zif upgrade -Hard Drive upgraded toMaxtor Diamond Max Plus 13.6 gb -OS 9.0.4, with all updates installed (most recent CD update install was disallowed, not...