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  • Hey I'm sorry to just contact you out of the blue, but I saw your post on turning a terminal command into an executable file and it was the only thing even close to what I've been looking into for days.

    I'm trying to solve what I thought was a simple problem but is now looking very difficult. I have 1,000+ wallpapers I have shuffling through the Leopard 10.5.x built-in wallpaper tool. Sometimes an image comes up I no longer want, and I want to be able to click a button, see the file in finder, and delete it. Apparently this is nearly impossible.

    The closest I've come is a terminal command someone on the Apple Discussion boards worked up for me, which looks like this:

    defaults read com.apple.desktop Background |grep -m 1 LastName | awk '{print $3}'| sed -e 's/;//g' | sed -e 's/"//g'

    That returns the name of the file, which I can then Spotlight search to delete. It's a workaround but it works... except as I'm not a programmer at all, I don't know how to turn this terminal command into an executable app. Can you help me out?

    Ideally Automator could not only find the filename but spotlight search it as well (though I'd prefer to do the actual deleting myself), but if I could click something and have it run that terminal script that would be pretty damn good.

    If you're interested, I had a solid discussion going at AskMetafilter on the subject where people were trying things in AppleScript, but while they managed to call up the most recently manually selected wallpaper, they were unable to call up the currently displayed wallpaper. That thread is here: http://ask.metafilter.com/89541/OSX-Leopard-How-to-show-the-current-wallpaper-in-finder

    Thanks for any help you can give me, I really appreciate it!
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