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    Development tool install problem

    It was the stuffit expander supplied with osx that messed up the install package. Using classic worked fine and the installation worked without any problems [Edited by MrComputer on 10-15-2000 at 08:29 AM]
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    Development tool install problem

    ok thanks, I will try that. I just hope it works then : )
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    Development tool install problem

    When I try to install the development tool's package I get an error saying that the "installer couldn't install xxx to path" or something like that. Anybody else seen this? Know any solution? MacOSX is installed on the same partion as MacOS9 (only one big partion on disk)
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    G4/500MP Success

    I got my new G4/500MP last week and installed MacOS X PB without any problems. I can say one thing, IT'S FAST. Most things I have tried it does really quick, like booting. I would like to see any window computer boot as fast as it does. It have never crashed or froozen and I have used it alot...