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    how to improve positioning of a site? meta tags and will help. the best idea is to write good content with good (x)html
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    how do I import a .swf into my home page?

    these might help or
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    Apple Blunder gives Bill Gates iPod Royalties amounting to Hundreds of Millions

    From the article Apple brought out the iPod in 2001, prior art == no patent and no payments can you trust a journalist who says Microsoft developed a portable player (if they did they kept it quiet).
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    who started using USB...Apple or ?

    IIRC (I read it a few years ago now in a MacUser or MacFormat) there were about 20 USB devices when Apple announced the original iMac, and over 120 a year later. A lot of them Bondi blue. Like a lot of things Apple didn't invent it or do it first just popularised it.
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    What are Apple's top 5 current biggest mistakes?

    Apple-i > Info > Part of a compilation
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    First real trojan appeared on OS X

    A firm that sells AV software 'discovering' a trojan, what are the odds?
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    Safari 1.3

    all the details - min/max width/height :)
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    Extra usable login form

    looks cool in OmniWeb I saw a similar thing the other day - dont know if that'd help with the IE problem.
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    Sending POST with Flash

    edit: you got it while I was posting yeah, it should open it in a new window, although I think the code would need to be dataSender1 = new LoadVars(); on (release) { dataSender1.objectSize = "thisIsValueOne"; dataSender1.send("test.php", "_blank" , "POST"); }
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    Sending POST with Flash

    dataSender1 = new LoadVars(); send.onRelease = function () { dataSender1.var1 = var1.text; dataSender1.var2 = "value"; dataSender1.send("test.php", "_blank" , "POST"); }; this should work, (with send being a movie clip or button) the php file would get var1 and var2. but it's...
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    Loading external pages/seperate pages in a div

    xmlhttprequest can load html (porbably not a whole page though cos there'd be 2 body/head tags) into a div, Apple have a tutorial - and I'm working on a web-based Delicious Library which uses it -
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    its the wrong typeface -
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    European Apple STores now closed for more than 2 hours

    lots of price cuts (but not the eMac...) & 2.3ghz xserve
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    Using any font (even if you dont have it)

    the s in sIFR is scaleable, it isn't perfect (you need to increase the text size and refresh for the flash text to change) but better than an image try mdnky's test page, or and both use it and Dave shea wrote an article on it...