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    Sagem 800 Modem Issue Continued

    Further information regarding Sagem 800 modem issue. Have checked the settings with my ISP. The ISP says protocol PPP0A over CHAP should apply, however my Mac keeps saying 'Could not find a PPPoE Server'. Having checked the Network Preferences all references seem to be do with PPPoE (not...
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    Sagem 800 Modem Issue

    Please can someone help. I'm relatively new to using the Mac OS and recently installed 10.4. However I couldn't connect using a Sagem F@ST Modem, but now my ISP informs me that the latest driver should be okay even though the ISP does not support the Mac OS. Have installed the new driver...
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    connection problem with Sagem 800/840

    Thanks Bob, due to my impatience I hadn't appreciated it was a common problem. I could find no obvious reference to later Mac drivers on the Sagem site. I'll progress it with them also and investigate the Ethernet modem option. Thanks.
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    connection problem with Sagem 800/840

    This is my first posting so please bare with me. Have installed Tiger on iBook G4. When using broadband connection with Sagem modem F@st 800/840 the persistent message is 'Modem is unplugged from USB'. I've tried different USB ports, uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and reinstalled Tiger...