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    Can't install applications

    A few days ago I lost the ability to install any applications....get kernal panics maybe about 10% into an install. I ended up wiping and reinstalling X. Was able to install the 10.0.1 update but cannot load anything else. Any ideas...
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    Anyone working on porting qmail to OS X. It is all command line so should be fairly easy....if I had any clue what I was talking about.
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    DSL internet and Classic

    I noticed that OS X did something to the my os 9 that disabled my dsl. I had to reinstall my NTS stuff to work with bellsouth. If you connect and can't get anywhere...try a 1.2.34 a dns server address. That is how bellsouth works anyway. Although in OS X networking, I had to leave it blank.
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    Mailbox Locked?

    Yea, I am having that same problem...really one of the few problems I experience consistently.
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    OS X update

    I forget where I downloaded that 4L5 update but I ended up reburning my drive. It did improve responsiveness on my B&W G3 400/ also seemed to make it more unstable. I wasn't really experiencing regular kernal panics until I installed that. My thought is that if Apple...
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    Give me a BREAK

    me too....I mostly use my computer for digital audio stuff. It will be while before I can use os x for any of that. I mostly spending time getting familier with whole thing. I did read the Inside MacOS X System Overview. It was actually pretty interesting. There was definitely a whole...
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    mail program getting open mailbox errors

    B&W G3400 / 384MB The mail program open up a dialog box for each mailbox saying the mailbox is already open. Do I want to open read only, quit, or open anyway. Doesn't do it all the time but pretty frequently.
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    Give me a BREAK

    This is a first release...why not give them time now to complete all of the features and optimize. There are obviously things to be done. I don't think they released this thinking they were you? As for the dock, have you tried shrinking it down?