mail program getting open mailbox errors


B&W G3400 / 384MB

The mail program open up a dialog box for each mailbox saying the mailbox is already open. Do I want to open read only, quit, or open anyway.

Doesn't do it all the time but pretty frequently.
I'm running into this problem rather frequently as well. I've bebuilt all my mailboxes just to be sure, and it's made no difference.

Has anyone figured this one out yet?

It normally happens on my inbox when I'm opening (complains about it already being open) and on my deleted items box when shutting down

I've had it happen on a few other of my mailboxes as well, but it's less frequent than the inbox and deleted items boxes.

I've also checked the file perms & ownership to make sure nothing strange was going on there either. puts a .lock file in the directory for the mailbox it has open (in ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/<mailbox_name>.mbox); see if there's a .lock file in there prior to opening, and see if that's what it is complaining about. If it leaves them around after it quits, I'd call that a bug, so report it .
Originally posted by blb puts a .lock file in the directory for the mailbox it has open (in ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/<mailbox_name>.mbox)[/URL] .

Thanks for the tip.. It did it again on me when I just opened it up and found there was a reply, so I'll have to wait for next time.
I find this happens if I don't Quit Mail by hand before shutting down/restarting - almost as if the OS doesn't shut it down properly itself...
Yeah I'm still getting this problem with Mail too (10.1.2). I remember having the same problem when OS X was first released last March. Back then the solution was to go to the Prefs and for each of your mail accounts make sure that "Show this account separately in mailboxes drawer" was selected, under the "Account Options" tab.

Somewhere in between then and now the bug has popped up again even with this preference selected. If any of you haven't made the above preference change, it wouldn't hurt to try it out just to see if it fixes it.
i just went ahead and gave it the full permission it wanted and then have never seen it again. doesn't damage anything. did this with both imacs. seems to come back after every system update. :)