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    QuickTime Codec's

    There's a bunch of things you can try.... like going here for starters this program converts many avi's to playable .mov qtime files... also you'll need divx codecs... then ofcourse the easiest method...
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    resizing numerous photos at once

    if you have photoshop... it's pretty easy to set up an action to accomplish what you want in mere minutes.
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    IPOD - With Bluetooth

    Bluetooth ipods aren't far-fetched, but not for song-transfer... more like acting as a remote for Air-Tunes... especially the shuffle. A bluetooth remote control for AirTunes is waaaayyyy overdue. BT could also be used for direct transfer of pictures to your phone and such... but large...
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    New mouse

    The BT mouse as is, runs batteries dry pretty fast. Adding all of this touch functionality, and a built in speaker doesn't sound too promising on the wireless front. People with BT will probably have to buy a wired keyboard too if they want to go for the 'mighty'... A BT version seems like...
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    Apple Expo Paris... speed bumps?

    i brought up the imac, because it'll be about 5 months old then... and it's not unusual to see minor bumps in 6 months intervals. I'd expect we would see one more powerPC refresh of PM's before the intel switch.. don't get me wrong I'd prefer to start the future sooner than later, but given...
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    Apple Expo Paris... speed bumps?

    Seems pretty obvious to be a staging ground for whatever iTunes/iPod merchandise and software... but does anybody feel we'll see a few hardware speed-bumps? Was thinking we could possibly see dual core chips begin to show up in powermacs... anyone think they'll be anything for the iMac...
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    iTMS:1 million till 1/2 billion

    i clicked right around that time (give or take a few minutes)... but I got a purchase error, and prompted to try again later... I rebooted itunes and gave it one more go but my damn network went down (purposefully by an annoying roomate working on his vonage phone) before download... The...
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    Just to be clear, I wasn't looking to get into an argument that gets personal... so I'm glad we're in agreement there... fryke, thanks for the clarification on my entry barrier argument, as that's exactly what I was trying to explain. From everything I've read thus far, the Macintel...
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    Ummm... and where did I say that the mac was a resource hog and inefficient? Dude, grow up and stop trying to start a flame war. I find your entire post to be just a little too far to the side of bitter. I really don't have time to snip and clip quotes here so i'll try and get on with it...
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    Epson R800:printing on cd

    Any improvement with 10.4.2? I'm thinking of picking up a top Epson 800 or 1800 in the next few months... how has performance otherwise... My low end stylus photo 820 is horrible with ink management and constantly clogs wasting lots of money. Are the more expensive models an improvement in...
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    thought i covered that previously. Microsoft isn't exactly on Intel's Christmas list right now after switching the xbox chip... Dell and HP are indeed large volume customers, but running an OS that demands nothing unique from it's chip design ... Once the mac starts running both systems...
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    IBM has done nothing but underdeliver and delay product introductions and shipments for the past year... Regardless of chip superiority/inferiority... it's an easy choice for apple when IBM's biggest clients become Microsoft and Sony. It would be a slow death to remain with IBM. Like being...
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    IBM G5 Dual-Core 2.5 ghz

    Jobs never said that IBM PPC wasn't going to be a viable conrtibutor in the next 2 years... it was 3+ years down the road where the differences would become much more apparent, so why not prepare for the future starting today? Apple will use all of those chips in whatever configs make sense...
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    importing files to itunes

    Can you convert those files from WMA to a normal sound file like AIF (as if you were burning a music CD)? If so the, AIF file might be recognized by iTunes without DRM..
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    Apple's July 7 event

    People cling to rumors of product release at this time of year because up until a few years ago... apple was always expected to deliver something in the summer at Macworld NY. Apple protested the move to Boston, and doesn't support it... and in a roundabout way they relieved themselves of a...