Apple Expo Paris... speed bumps?


Seems pretty obvious to be a staging ground for whatever iTunes/iPod merchandise and software... but does anybody feel we'll see a few hardware speed-bumps?

Was thinking we could possibly see dual core chips begin to show up in powermacs... anyone think they'll be anything for the iMac?

Not sure how much potential exists in this form factor and system architechture... would you think an iMac could handle (or even efficiently utilize) a dual core chip (which could make a great pro-sumer machine) or have they pretty much hit the ceiling with single 2.0 on this design?
I'd say that the only hardware to receive updates in the near future would be the PowerMacs. The iBooks and Mac Minis have both been updated recently, and the iMac is also pretty fresh. I doubt very much that we will see dual-core PowerPC chips ever reach the PowerMac now, as the Intel transition and the break-off with IBM would make it unlikely. Instead, we're likely to see PowerMacs released that are pretty much identical to the Intel Developer Systems released to ADC members at the WWDC in June.

On the other hand, while I don't expect any updates, I'm pretty sure we'll see a couple of interesting new products.
i brought up the imac, because it'll be about 5 months old then... and it's not unusual to see minor bumps in 6 months intervals.

I'd expect we would see one more powerPC refresh of PM's before the intel switch.. don't get me wrong I'd prefer to start the future sooner than later, but given the extended wait period... I think it might be too long to wait for any speed bumps even if there are diminishing sales...

the consumer products (ipod, vpod, phone, whatever else) interest me less because there's so much concern over copy protection and competition... that it'll come down to politics and not technology.
I don't expect the Power Mac to transition to Intel until 2007, so I definitely think we'll be seeing dual-core G5s this year. I hope to see two, maybe even three major revisions of the Power Mac before it goes Intel. Apple's not going to sit on their thumbs for the next two years.

I don't think the new dual-core G5s use much more power or produce much more heat than the current G5s, so we could see a dual-core iMac at some point. I personally don't expect it, though, at least not so soon.
I don't know, but ever since the Intel announcement, all the expected dates for updates are off.

The new iBook G4 were 3-month late.

What's up with the Mac minis?

Yeah, doubled the RAM, free bluetooth and Airport, but no faster processor or better graphic card.

I, however--yes, with my wishful thinking, again--expect a dual core G5 before Apple totally leaves the G5 processor behind.

Apple will still buy processors from IBM as long as the big blue pay enough attention to the "fruit company."

Cell processor is still some powerful stuff.

While future Intel processors might be able to match--and even surpass--present and future G5 processors, IBM can still keep the G5 alive for the Mac platform if the computer gaint find it profitable.

We will just have to wait and see.