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    Retrospect restore dies in Jaguar

    I´ve installede the latest version of Retrospect Server (5.0.236) on our Mac OS X 10.2.1 Server and the backup works fine on a FireWire LaCie. But when I try to make a restore of 4 GB the Retrospect applicationd dies after 30 MB - there is just the spinning wheel and I´ve to use Force Quit...
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    Officejet G85 OS X Drivers

    After some hours of frustration connecting my G85 with USB and Jaguar and using the new driver from HP I went to HP´s supportsite and I found this: "Launch Print Center from the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. 2. Click Add Printer. 3. Select HP AiO Print or HP AiO Fax in the...
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    Public Beta Classic Supports Appearance Themes!

    Hi, You can get the Liquid Theme right here: Pakse
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    No sound under MacOS X

    Yes, the sound works if I don´t use eternal speakers. But the sound in the internal speakers in the iMac are indeed very bad. But if I connect the speakers to one the headphone outlets on the front it also works fine! Strange that it doesn´t work in the speakers outlet.........
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    No sound under MacOS X

    I have a big problem! I´ve just installed MacOS X on my iMac 333 mhz, 160 mb ram. I´ve made 2 partitions with MacOS 9 (danish 9.04)on one of them and MacOS X on the other partition. All works really OK except that I have no sound under MacOS X! The sound works perfectly under MacOS 9. I use...