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    Office v. X SR1 hangs at "Gathering Information"

    I am having the same problem. I don't have any ideas, except that the test run may having been installed at some point? Using top, I've let the installer run as long as 90 minutes and seen that it is not frozen, it is actually doing something (cpu use moving up and down), but it never finishes.
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    I have only had to log in as root twice, and have not had any problems. BTW. has anyone had problems logging in? Once, my password just did not work for my admin user (ie normal) account. This followed creating a new machine account for my girl, then loggin in and setting that up...
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    developer tools

    Does it come with OBJ-C sample projects?????
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    developer tools

    Hi, Try to login as root. your admin password should work. The problem is unix restrictions on adding files to the system folders. I am unsure if you can do this from the terminal, i can't but you can login as root from the main screen. And you can login as "console" and get just the shell.
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    cd eject button on new pro keyboard - NO GOOD!

    I don't have one of those keyboards, so I dont' know. But you should go to the apple support site and check the TIL for this. Also, email apple and let them know about it from the feedback icone.
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    Apple has posted this TIL: on their support sites. Basically, to get dvd to work, boot into os9. The documentation does say that dvd is not supported,
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    DVD-RAM Media in DVD-RAM drive

    There has been a TIL posted on this:
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    Apple DVD player problems

    Apple has posted a TIL on this.
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    Hey brian, Yes, it should be in the late breaking news.
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    Wow, didn't know they where downloading, Having dsl then a cable modem for so long, i didn't even think of that. Thanks.
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    Alot of problems that I have been posting to like "my dvd's don't work" Are answered in the help system. This is beta software, and your first inclination should be to check the help to see if there is a limitation to what you are doing, with this release that seems to be especially...
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    DVD-RAM Media in DVD-RAM drive

    Hi, In the documentation that comes with osx it states that ONLY cd media is suported. Search for "DVD PLAYER WORK" in late breaking news, then read disc compatability
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    Failing to launch Classic!?!?

    If I where you, I'd check my extentions in os 9. I would bet that you have an incompatable extention set. if you hit the arrow, at the bottom of classic loading, can you see the extentions loading?
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    Applications not Visible under OS X & Network Trouble

    Do you know if OSX is on the first 8 gigs of the hard drive?
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    Hmmm.... Where to start??

    That is why this is a beta. Not a final release. Test it for stability (but it is a beta) test it for for speed(but it is a beta) Apple needs sceptics like yourself. Email them feed back, that is what the beta process is about, then they will/can fix stuff. I think the problem you...