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    How to open .DMG NOT in OSX

    With the release of Jaguar Apple introduced an updated .dmg format. Sicne they have officially stopped developing for OS9, I doubt you'll see an update for the OS9 version of Disk Copy that will open newer .dmg formats
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    iChat buggy?

    been there, done that. waiting
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    iChat buggy?

    You're not alone. I have this issue CONSTANTLY. I like the interface but have to stick with Proteus until Apple fixes this.
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    iTunes on a TV?

    Nope. Not out of the box anyway. Even the newer ones with the external video still don't have any hookup for a TV
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    scary os10.2 screen of death

    Happened only once to me when pluggin gin a second monitor. haven't been able to reproduce it.
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    How do you make .iso files in OSX?

    FYI hdiutil is what "Disk Copy" calls. When it says it's waiting for "Disk Copy Helper" it's this and one other app that it's actually a front end for. You can even mount images via this utility, great for including in shell scripts . . .
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    How to open .DMG NOT in OSX

    get OSX ;-) Seriously, tho, there are a lot of threads on this already and most end with asking why you want to mount it, since DMGs are usually for OSX apps. I know there is a thread here specifically on burning DMGs on platforms other than OSX. (it's <a...
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    Jag boot requiring PSWD

    go to your control panels, to the "accounts" panel, highlight your name and check the box "Log in automatically as ..."
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    Unexpected log-outs!

    I had this problem twice. The first time was a bad daughtercard. The card passed all of Apple's diagnostics (they even kept sending the powerbook back each time I sent it) but they for some reasn never actually used the machine to see the error. swapping with an identical model card solved my...
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    Is there a way to know if your recipient read the email you sent them?

    the answer, despite all the nice suggestions, is "possibly". The above suggestions are correct, however you can tell your email client to ignore all return-reply requests, as I do for privacy reasons. Even if you send a mail with the return-reply requested, you've no garantee it'll come back.
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    Question regarding imap with Mail app

    your server is probably not handing back the correct namespace for the default folders. most mail clients guess anyway. go into Mail and to the "advanced" tab of your account, and set the folder path for your imap directory. i.e. if your server is courier-imapd then your path would likely be...
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    In the "Advanced" tab, set the "Keep copies of all mail for offline viewing" option and it'll cache all messages so you aren't waiting on the imap server everytime you click on a message.
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    No more bouncing icons

    I'm curious: can you send files via the AIM client? This sounds very much like what happens when both parties are behind a firewall, and is something that happens on older AIM clients (the newer ones will port-hop until a port that the firewall allows is found, usually port 80)
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    No more bouncing icons

    I don't know about you, but while i like iChat and find it very nice, it just doesn't work for me. I launch it and it works fine, but after a random amount of time I no longer receive IMs. I get no notification, and the person sending me IMs gets no notification. They just disappear...