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    New hardware or upgrade current HW ???

    I have a G4 400 Mhz Sawtooth and I upgraded it with a 7447 G4 2Ghz processor from Gigadesigns, spending 400$. I also have 512 MB of Ram which will be soon upgraded too. Now my mac is really really fast, as I have to use it with some video-editing apps.
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    Google Earth is now available for Mac!

    Thanks for warning us! I've been using the unofficial version found on the net until now...
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    Ichatav - User Names

    aim: pierino84 audio and video available! Bye guys
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    OSX was always ready for Intel?

    Sorry if I mentioned something you think is wrong... those were just some infos for people interested in this subject! :)
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    OSX was always ready for Intel?

    Just yesterday I found some good informations (...) about OS X x86. There are people who have installed it on their pc, and it's working too!! Just search and you'll find out more. ;-)