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    Age of Kings for the Mac!

    It was the best game when I used a pc. And this one seems to be even better (finer graphics; expansion included). But... I hope so much it will be able to do multiplayer with pc! Age of Empires I didn't and that's why I moved over to the lesser Starcraft.
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    The main reason for a computer company to distinguish a pro and a home line is to reach both target groups and make as much money out of each of them as possible. A home user won't pay that much for pro software, but the company still wants to sell it. So they need to make a special home...
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    Mac Os X on a PC?

    Ah! How trivial! The Mac users I know would order a double club sandwich with starfish instead of turkey, a side order of Polish grass parfait, with two espresso arabica, a jus d'orange, an Indian tonic, a caramel donut and a good looking waiter (male, 50+).
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    OS X + XP: Who will really win?

    Apple will become an even stronger consumer brand. Apple was a different world, that no Windows user had to know about. But Windows users are going to meet Apple users more and more. Why will more and more Windows users meet Apple users? The first reason is that OS X is going to make...
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    5g24: what's RAID

    RAID appears to be a nice feature of the new 10.1. But what is it?
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    Audio VST plug-ins right into OS X

    You know what I hope? That OS X audio will make it possible to snap VST plug-ins anywhere in each audio channel. Like Quartz makes it possible to scale bitmaps anywhere in the graphical interface. Imagine how easy it will be to make affordable recording software.
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    What clock speed for 10.1?

    Apple suggests there is no minimal clock speed for OS X to run. I bet there isn't. But what clock speed would make 10.1 run smooth enough for daily use? (even estimates by non 10.1 - owners are welcome)
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    Split the Dock!

    I want to be able to make more than 2 different docks with autohide and meanwhile one little dock in the menubar with items I want to be adressable al the time. That way I can find my own optimum between screen space and ease of use.
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    The reason I asked, is that I work as a free lancer. I hope one day to be able to hook up an iMac to any Windows network as easily as possible, for printing and file sharing. I know nothing about the way it works and I'd like to have as little problems with help desks and system engineers as...
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    Will OS X 10.1 connect to an IPX network?

    I don't understand the networking between OS X 10.1 and Windows part. I never heard of SMB or Dave. I only know about Windows doing TCP/IP or IPX networks. I assume it would be possible to connect to Windows using TCP/IP but I'm wondering about the rest. Anyone please tell me.
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    windows taskbar for macosx?

    In XP, multiple windows per app buttons will only be there if the task bar gets too cluttered. In the dock, you can't *directly* tell the difference between two or more folders, so only after some getting used to them, you'll find a way to them. But this gets harder because their locations...
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    Omni Web and Real Audio?

    Omni says that plug-ins for Netscape and IE also work with Omni Web, if you put them in 'library/internet plug-ins'. But the Real Player plug-in won't work with mine. Does anyone know how to get Real Audio working with Omni Web?
  13. P bias?

    C|net only seems biased against Apple because all Mac sites are so much biased pro Apple. But I indeed think that they are on purpose. They may be sick of the Apple sectarianism (which is a fact, in the original meaning of the word) - or they may be forced to be so by Windell corporations.
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    10.02 together with OmniWeb release candidate 1 is very acceptable. If it were not for some MIDI & Audio software not working in Classic under OS X, it would be my all time OS right now.
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    Dock in right side of menu bar

    After all, it's indeed a matter of feeling, just like Endian puts it. Like my idea gives Endian the creeps, the current situation gives me the creeps. My point is the trilemma I get because of the unusable screenspace to both sides of the dock. It makes me want to make the dock bigger...